May is National Salsa Month!

I'm not sure about everyone else but salsa is one of my guilty pleasures. I can eat it on almost anything and if I open a bag of tortilla chips good luck getting them closed. Just recently I bought a new salsa from Fresh Market called Sarah's Salsa and the "Hot" is delicious and fresh just like the brand states.

Another favorite of mine which is technically not a Salsa but is just as addicting is La Victoria Salsa Brava Hot Sauce. This has been my favorite sauce for at least 10 years and has a great combination of heat and flavor. It's sometimes hard to find the Hot in grocery stores but when you can its definitely worth it!

*Caution if you are not used to eating extremely hot things be careful when trying.

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  1. Since my name is Sara and I looooove spicy food, I think I need to try this ASAP! :)