This recipe has been shared on a couple of other blogs and I was curious to try it out and the result was perfection. What a treat to have gooey s'mores in the dead of winter! It was so easy that I felt I had cheated not waiting for my marshmallow to cook on a toasty fire.

What you will need:
Graham Crackers
Marshmallow Fluff
Candy melts or quick coating chocolate

 Melt the chocolate in a  double boiler or if you don't have one set an oven proof glass bowl in a sauce pan that has a little bit of water, making sure the bowl is a little bigger so its not sitting on the bottom of the pan.

While the chocolate is melting spread a generous layer of the marshmallow creme on half of a graham cracker and the top with the other half. I would recommend splitting the crackers in to fourths if serving for a party (the half was pretty messy to eat).

Once chocolate is melted dip the graham cracker/marshmallow sandwich into the chocolate coating almost all but leaving enough empty so you can still hold on to it. Cool in the fridge to set the chocolate for about 10 minutes or if its the winter you can pop them outside real quick!

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